How to choose the household kitchen sink?

The purchase of kitchen sink should be ignored by many people. It is one of the necessary equipment in every kitchen and is used frequently in daily life. Whether you like cooking or not, the owners who are going to decorate should pay attention to the sink. After all, it will take many years. When we choose the kitchen sink, we must make sure that the sink size. So what factors should you pay attention to when purchasing a sink?

Sinks are classified by number and size:

1. Single bowl sink

A single tank is divided into small single tank and large single tank. The size of the small single tank is small, generally below 650mm, and it is easy to splash water when washing, which is suitable for small kitchens. The size of large single tank is generally more than 850mm, and the pot can be directly put inside for cleaning.

2. Double bowl sink

It is divided into water tanks of the same size and one large and one small. It is not convenient to use a sink of the same size, for example, the pot cannot be completely put in. A large sink and a small sink are better. The smaller sink can be used to wash vegetables and fruits, and the larger sink can be used to clean large kitchen utensils.

3. Multichannel sink

On the basis of double grooves, add a small water tank. The kitchen area is limited. Try not to choose double troughs. You can choose a larger single trough sink. If the kitchen area is large, you can choose double sinks. A large and a small double sink is more appropriate. The large sink is used for cleaning, and the small sink can be used for draining. Choose the right number of sinks according to your usage habits and the size of the kitchen area.

Post time: Dec-22-2022